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Downsides of Being a Landlord in Ireland

Downside of being a landlord

Being a landlord can be rewarding. It brings in a very steady flow of income for as long as tenants rent your property. It’s even better with long-term leases, as it guarantees years of reliable cashflow. Landlords who employ the aid of a good property management company in Redfords, Ireland especially benefit from this.

However, there’s also a downside: Not all tenants will be good to you. At best, they’ll leave a slight mess that you’ll have to clean up. At worst, they can leave the entire property in tatters.


Downside of being a landlord

What do these “tenants from hell” love to do?

They’re called as such for a reason. They seem to have made it their mission in life to make the lives of landlords a living hell. Here are just a few of their diabolical activities in summary.


  • Not cleaning up after themselves. Like it or not, each one of us has to clean our homes every now and then. Floors get dirty, tiles get grimey, and toilets get gunky. Some tenants, though, have absolutely no care in the world when it comes to cleanliness. Once they have to leave, properties are in absolutely horrendous states, and landlords are the ones who have to clean up their mess.
  • Treating properties like brothels. This is just unforgivable. There are several stories of shocked landlords who find utterly disgusting objects in and around their furniture: used condoms, soiled underwear, bottles of liquor, and many others. Even people who check into brothels know how to clean up after themselves. But tenants like these? They are just horrific.
  • Not paying the rent for months. Sure, the economy these days is tight. Landlords do understand if money isn’t so easy to come by for renters, so perhaps a month that they can’t pay rent is all right. But what if it goes on for several months? Most landlords would say it is no longer a valid excuse. Not to mention that going to court to authorise an eviction order is horribly inconvenient. 


What can landlords do to deal with these tenants?

Understandably, many landlords do not want to get into arguments with these tenants from hell. Thankfully, they can leave it to the experts.

A reputable property management company in Redfords, Ireland is what is needed. Book an appointment with us at Redfords Properties and allow us to help you with your tenant issues.